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Naked alien design concepts
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This was my latest design concept that I went with for the Grands.

Originally the Cyro Grands were simply Greys. Predator Grands were Reptilians. Though I didn't remember the name Reptilian back then and it was before the internet so I just called them Predator Greys.

When I decided to reboot the series from my old comics I made in high school I decided I wanted the aliens to be a bit more unique. And then decided to throw in chosen aliens on top of everything which I decided to make "even cooler looking" :P

Originally they didn't have armor either. There was a time between my high school comics and posting these on the net where I had rebooted with the designs you see above. And for some reason they could all shoot lasers naturally o_O

I rectified this by giving them neato alien super tech armors.