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Sergeant Keith Adventures
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I remember my 1st comic book. It was a 64 page special TMNT Adventures. I wanted to make my own comics once I started collecting TMNT. Technically I wanted to make my own cartoon series but comics were as close as I knew I could get.

So in 1993 I started a TMNT rip off that had me and some friends as super heroes that wore H.A.W.K. costumes. The acronym was really cool. Get ready for it! Hurting And Whipping Killers!!!

And thus the baddest heroes ever were born! We had belts that could replicate whatever weapons we imagined and as such we obviously only imagined The Katana, Sais, Nunchuku, and Staff respectively!

This was the start of my comic career right here baby. And it proved once and for all I was destined for greatness!!!

I ended up making 19 issues of this series before I moved on tooooo... click NEXT or hit your right arrow key